Take Linh Out of America, But You Can’t Take ‘murican Food Out of Linh

This title also applies to my clothing size in Asia…If you ever want to feel depressed about yourself, then go clothes shopping here. In the States, I’m considered “normal” — a healthy, American size: small to medium. However, in Asia I’m, by-golly-darn-gosh, an elephant — I tried on some pants in the night market and I literally struggled to pull it over my knees…HA

On a much lighter note, I do miss my American meals, so eff their small thighs, toothpick arms and dainty figures, I’m going to feed my body right!  Continue reading “Take Linh Out of America, But You Can’t Take ‘murican Food Out of Linh”

Come Hither Sea Life, I Won’t Bite

There are two places I don’t want to die in: in space and in the ocean, but who cares about my fears?! I’m going scuba diving!!! One of my biggest fears is death by water aka drowning. I know it’s kind of ironic because currently, I’m doing all of these water activities and actually was a competitive swimmer in high school. However, you can’t have YOLO as your anthem if you can’t face your fears every now and then!!! So cheers to adrenaline!

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