Sun Moon Lake : Tea Ceremony

What an amazing and unexpected surprise that I’m here at Chung Tea Company, an award-winning tea producer. I’m about to experience 2 hours worth of glorious tea tasting during my visit at Sun Moon Lake! Before coming to Taipei, I knew that I wanted to experience a tea tasting/ceremony somewhere in Taiwan– I just didn’t know where or how I would manage to do it, but I knew that I have to and I won’t leave Taiwan until I accomplished it. Well, the Universe heard my cry and granted me this great opportunity.   Continue reading “Sun Moon Lake : Tea Ceremony”

Heiankyo 平安京茶事: Japanese Tea House

I’m seriously addicted Matcha tea! If I go to a restaurant and it offers Matcha as a flavor on anything, you know for darn sure that I’ll get my hands on it. I just love the slight bitterness that it has — kinda wakes you up. A good punch for your taste buds. Well, if you share the same love or just love desserts then try this tea house. Continue reading “Heiankyo 平安京茶事: Japanese Tea House”