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Matcha Ice Cream in Puff Pastry

Heiankyo 平安京茶事: Japanese Tea House

I’m seriously addicted Matcha tea! If I go to a restaurant and it offers Matcha as a flavor on anything, you know for darn sure that I’ll get my hands on it. I just love the slight bitterness that it has — kinda wakes you up. A good punch for your taste buds. Well, if you share the same love or just love desserts then try this tea house. Read More »

Back Row (2): Passion Fruit Matcha and Berry Banana. Front Row (3) Sea Salt Caramel Darjeeling, Berry Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

The Sweet Things in Life

Chocolate or any dessert: a friend that listens and loves me unconditionally. It takes all of my sad emotions away as it lifts me up to the highest of heavens. Plus, you can never get too much sweetness in life since we all know the world can be oh-so-bitter…

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Fried Stinky  Tofu

Too Fast, Too Delicious: Street Food

Dinner bells are a-ringing, and I am starving. Eyes calibrated, nostrils expanded, and stomach emptied — I am ready for yet another food search to satisfy this ravenous calling.

To my worst dismay, a smell of nightmares crept its way up my nostrils and attacked with all its might, and I surrendered unwilling.  Read More »


Take Linh Out of America, But You Can’t Take ‘murican Food Out of Linh

This title also applies to my clothing size in Asia…If you ever want to feel depressed about yourself, then go clothes shopping here. In the States, I’m considered “normal” — a healthy, American size: small to medium. However, in Asia I’m, by-golly-darn-gosh, an elephant — I tried on some pants in the night market and I literally struggled to pull it over my knees…HA

On a much lighter note, I do miss my American meals, so eff their small thighs, toothpick arms and dainty figures, I’m going to feed my body right!  Read More »


Failed Food Day

It’s 3 a.m. I’m tossing, kicking, eyes twitching, and cold sweat rolling –no it’s not from the Taiwan heat. I was having a horrific nightmare about the failure I consumed during the day. The perfect food bubble had burst, and I’m falling back to reality. Read More »

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