We are scubing

Come Hither Sea Life, I Won’t Bite

There are two places I don’t want to die in: in space and in the ocean, but who cares about my fears?! I’m going scuba diving!!! One of my biggest fears is death by water aka drowning. I know it’s kind of ironic because currently, I’m doing all of these water activities and actually was a competitive swimmer in high school. However, you can’t have YOLO as your anthem if you can’t face your fears every now and then!!! So cheers to adrenaline!

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Snorkeling with Friends

Lady with a baby in the water: “How far out are the reefs?”

Me: “It’s like 2 feet away, really close.”

Lady: “No really, how close is it?”

Me: “Look lady, if you want your infant to get cut up by the reefs then take 2 more steps out.” –Ok, I didn’t say this part, but I should have…  Read More »

Oahu, Hawaii

The Last Taste of America

I’m on an island – Oahu, Hawaii!!!

As I step out of the plane, I can feel the cool breeze lifting my hair and the sun kissing my Chicago pale, winter skin. I can sense a different type of life here or maybe it’s because I was delirious for being trapped in a 9-hour flight. United Airline ONLY provided beverages! You have to pay for the food. They didn’t even give us the stale pretzels or the highly coveted honey-roasted peanuts. I swear I’ll try by best to avoid all United Airline flights from now on, but… how can I stay mad when the destination is paradise?! Read More »

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