The Last Taste of America

I’m on an island – Oahu, Hawaii!!!

As I step out of the plane, I can feel the cool breeze lifting my hair and the sun kissing my Chicago pale, winter skin. I can sense a different type of life here or maybe it’s because I was delirious for being trapped in a 9-hour flight. United Airline ONLY provided beverages! You have to pay for the food. They didn’t even give us the stale pretzels or the highly coveted honey-roasted peanuts. I swear I’ll try by best to avoid all United Airline flights from now on, but… how can I stay mad when the destination is paradise?!

Here, the locals call it Hawaiian time.

Coming from Chicago and having lived there for the past year, I have grown accustomed to that city/fast-paced life. Where it’s normal, if not mandatory, to honk at the person in front of you the second the light turns green. Where you literally experience both a heart attack and a stroke when driving down Michigan Avenue or anywhere in the city. Where not only you have to dodge taxis, but also dodge faceless tourists and pot holes deep enough to bungee jump off of. Now don’t get me wrong I’m forever in love with Chicago, but you can understand why I needed a brief period of adjustment in Hawaii. I started noticing that I had this ‘crazy eye’ shock look on my face whenever the locals make friendly conversations with me. If only I recorded my facial expression going from “hold up, wait the minute, you’re genuinely talking to me?” to “oh, you ARE talking to me, let me put a smile on.” No one talks to you in the city unless you’re making conversations with the homeless people.

Anyway, it is safe to say that I FREAKING love it here and will have to come back to live for a bit. Maybe another adventure awaits? 😉

So without further ado, lets get contagious and catch some island fever!