Yak’ing the Kayak

Let it burn! If burning is not something you love to do while on the beach, then please put sunscreen on – ESPECIALLY on your shins! I suffered greatly. I now have two red hot dogs for legs.

We rented a double kayak, and the staff told us that the heavier person sits in the back to steer while the front person set the pace. Yup, I definitely set the pace: sit, relax, and sippin’ on mah drink.

During this excursion, we kayaked pass one of the best beaches in the world: Lanikai Beach. This is where you can have yourself a little pit stop to let your partner rest, ha. The surf was pretty strong today so it was a little tough holding on to my drink — haha jk — but it took a little more energy to get around. We were lucky enough to see two turtles while kayaking. I wanted to jump in, give them a big hug, and let them be like dolphins and pull me through the water. Then I realized if I got caught touching them, then I’d be arrested and fined big time. They’re part of the endangered and protected wildlife. Plus, I probably won’t do well in prison.

Kayaking 3

One of two islands we visited
One of two islands we visited


Activity: Kayaking

Location: Kailua

Company: Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks

Cost: ~$80 for double kayak (includes permits to stop in to 2 locations)

What to Bring: Sunblock, water, hat, and if you are sitting in the front of a double, a drink.

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    Oh my, it’s almost morning here. I got to sleep. You are amazing, have a good day.