True Rougher Right Here

On the Cusp of Dying

Disclaimer: I did not finish this hike, because I had too many brushes with death on the way up. YOLO does not apply here. 

Since it was not an official trail, the path is very narrow and rocky. Also, the path being very muddy and slippery does not help with the climb. My foot slipped off the side of the trail, which was also the edge of the cliff several times and had to be pulled back up. Therefore, don’t do this alone! Although, I would have toyed with the reaper a little bit more if I had known I was only 30 mins away from the top. However, don’t let me scare you off from this trail! It’s definitely hard, but not impossible at all, like I said, I was only 30 mins from the top. I guessed I would’ve taken the risk and continued if I still had my health insurance and wasn’t going on a year long trip to Asia where healthcare is questionable. On a positive note, I heard it is breathtaking at the top and it’s worth the hike. Also, I felt like I burned alot of calories doing this climb so it only means one thing: more room to eat!

Activity: Hiking

Location: Ka’au Crater Hike

Company: Your car, legs, and life

Time: ~5 hours

Cost: maybe your life

What to Bring: Friends, snacks, water, and Deet


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