Snorkeling with Friends

Lady with a baby in the water: “How far out are the reefs?”

Me: “It’s like 2 feet away, really close.”

Lady: “No really, how close is it?”

Me: “Look lady, if you want your infant to get cut up by the reefs then take 2 more steps out.” –Ok, I didn’t say this part, but I should have… 

This is not a beach where you want to spend the whole day playing in the water, because it’s full of coral reefs. Even so, somehow there are families here that camp out the whole day… Aside from this, the reefs are beautiful. You are literally right above of them and about 2 inches away from the fishies. I wanted to get a net and be like Ash in Pokemon and catch ’em all!  Note that this location gets super-duper busy so I would suggest you go early. I went at 7 am — Holy moly, I know that’s early! But it’s worth it and hey, who wants to sleep when you’re in paradise?

Also on this day, I met up with my then middle school boyfriend (only lasted for a week) now friend Andy and made a new friend Gigi so that made the day even more fabulous!!! He’s in the Navy ladies. You can pounce on him if you want.


Activity: Snorkeling

Location: Hanauma Bay

Company: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve & Beach Park

Time: ~1 hour or as long as you want

Cost: $7 to enter the park — you can bring your own gear — ~$12 to rent gear

What to bring: snorkel gear (if you already have them), water, sunscreen.