Surf n’ Turf

Talk about a bargain! You know it’s in my Asian genes to always get more and always, always pay less. Don’t judge! You know it’s a good day when that happens. 

We got super lucky, because we paid for the group lesson, but practically received a private lesson since it’s Labor Day. I guess no one wanted to learn how to surf except for us.

Today’s wave conditions were perfect for beginners like us with one foot waves and only a few surfers in the ocean. It was so exhilarating surfing, and I’m proud to say that I crushed some major waves. Just kidding! They were baby waves, but it was mind-blowing being able to fly over water. My shoulders were dying though, because I rode the waves to the shore a few times and had to paddle all the way back out. At one point, I thought my shoulders unscrewed themselves from my body. I even started talking to myself out loud to get over the pain… I’m pretty sure the other surfers thought that I was crazy…

I definitely recommend everyone to surf either here in Hawaii or anywhere that offers it. This is an experience that should not be missed and be included everyone’s bucket list. I’m now officially addicted and looking forward to surf in Taiwan.

I can add “surfing” to my bag of tricks and trades.

P.S. We were not able to take surfing pictures because we were too busy ripping waves. So this is just a random picture on Lanikai Beach.

Kayaking 3

Activity: Surfing

Location: North Shore

Company: North Shore Surf Girls

Time: ~2 hours

Cost: $80/2 hours (group lesson per person)

What to Bring: Sunscreen – put it on the back of your legs since you’ll be laying on your belly most of the time.