Come Hither Sea Life, I Won’t Bite

There are two places I don’t want to die in: in space and in the ocean, but who cares about my fears?! I’m going scuba diving!!! One of my biggest fears is death by water aka drowning. I know it’s kind of ironic because currently, I’m doing all of these water activities and actually was a competitive swimmer in high school. However, you can’t have YOLO as your anthem if you can’t face your fears every now and then!!! So cheers to adrenaline!

I found myself to be very calm and not like in those scary movies where the stupid girl freaks out for no reason and dies off first. Ha.

Don’t be afraid to scuba dive because you will be well prepped for it. Prior to the dive, we were trained for an hour in a pool on what do in different scenarios and how to communicate underwater. I guess I was most afraid of water getting into my goggles and swallowing a lot of ocean water, but our instructor taught us how to avoid these situations during the training course. [box type=”info” ]Tip: if you have water in your goggles, push your mask straight into your face with one hand, look up and blow out. This will clear the water and BOOM back in action! [/box]

We saw all different kinds of fish down there, but I don’t know the names to them. Sorry, I’m useless. Although, we did see eels, a baby shark, alot of sea urchins, and were inches from the SEA TURTLES!!! A part of me was tempted to pluck some sea urchins off of the reefs and take them home to have fresh uni, but again, I didn’t want to be arrested so I tamed my urges.

sooo closeeeeee
I’m sooo closeeeeee
rock fish?
rock fish?

Activity: Scuba diving

Location: Waikiki

Company: Aqua Zone

Cost: $140 for 6.5 hours (includes an hour of training session in a pool)

What to bring: Lunch/snacks for the long trip — I recommend picking up some musubis — the company also provides snacks like crackers and cookies. Water — the company also provide this, but I know I need alot of water so I always bring my own. Lastly, sunblock and a towel.