That’s a Wrap

So this is it. My life as I’ve known it for the past 20-something years fits into a 5×10 storage locker. It’s funny to see the actual space that contains your life’s material collections and, with them, a sense of sentimental attachment and memories. Also, you don’t realize how much of a pack-rat you are until you pack up your life. I know what you might be thinking, but no – I don’t need an intervention. Now let’s just hope my storage won’t be featured on Storage Wars.

I’m very excited to announce that for the next year or so, I will be embarking on an adventure in Southeast Asia and living out of my 3 suitcases. (Don’t judge, but it’s mostly clothes and shoes…) I am looking forward to see what this temporary ‘expat’ life is all about.

I hope to share this incredible experience with y’all: the ups, downs, and misfits. So I hope y’all are ready for the ride because we all know Asia is a crazy beast.

…And oh, get ready to be mentally fat while I get physically fat.

P.S. This blog is my continuous stream of thoughts; therefore, forgive me for any bad grammar and spelling.

  • Hello 2014’s Linh. I’m a guy who will met you in 2020 on Twitch. Oh, I see, you don’t know what is a Twitch yet. Well, it’s not important now. What really matter is that I’m here because I will really like you in the future then I would like to know you better so, I’m kinda stalking you a little. Hope you don’t mind.
    So… Bad Grammar? Are you kidding me? Your text really caught me.
    You know. I’ve got a box full of useless things that brings me memories from places and people from the past. Someday I may talk about them. I never told them I keep those memories. Should I? Anyway, I’m excited to know you better but if you feel I’m too invasive, please let me know.