First Day in Taiwan

I’m Island Hopping: Taiwan

Sweats drippin’, clothes stickin’, tea sippin’… the lyrics to my life here in Taiwan.

It’s my first time in Taipei, Taiwan, and what’s my first impression? IT’S HOT AS BALLS! I guess this is what you have to expect when you come to Southeast Asia. You get the food and experience in exchange for the constant sweat and b.o. Other than this, I am fired up to see what Taiwan has to offer!

First few initial thoughts:

1. It’s pretty clean for a super dense city.

2. The Metro is CRAZY clean and so orderly! People actually stand in a single-file line to get on. Also, it’s really easy to get around because I learned how to use the Metro within two days. Sadly,  I can’t say the same for Chicago…


Spanking clean

Spanking clean — this pleases my OCD

Can't push me off!

Can’t push me off!


3. You can buy a lot, if not all, American beauty supplies here (face wash/cream, lotion, make up) at Watson, it’s like a CVS without the pharmacy or for the higher end cosmetics, there are numerous malls and shopping centers. SOGO is one of many.

Watsons: everywhere in the city

Watsons: everywhere in the city




4. Every other store is either a bubble tea shop, a bakery or a coffee shop! –God I am sooooo going to get caffeine and bread wasted.

TenRen’s Tea (Map – MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station) (Chain): One of the best tea places I have tried here and they have the best bubbles! I like their black milk tea with bubbles and the taro green milk tea.

Chain - TenRen's Tea: Best Bubbles! They come out only at certain times of the day.

Chain – TenRen’s Tea: Best Bubbles! They come out only at certain times of the day.

Bread Societe 布列德麵包粉絲團 (Map – MRT Sun-Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station, Facebook) (Chain): The bread is soft, flaky, and buttery. Very delicious. See my post Birthday Food Day for another bakery recommendation.

bread societe

Chain – Bread Societe

Louisa Coffee 路易莎咖啡 (Map – MRT Gongguan) (Chain) – Small coffee shop that offers great coffee at a good price. They carry several specialty coffee too.

Chain - Louisa Coffee

Chain – Louisa Coffee

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