8% Ice 冰淇淋專門店 – Ice Cream

In general, I think Asians in Asia don’t really have a sweet tooth so in Taipei, you can expect desserts to be lighter, less sweet, and not as creamy. I do like that the desserts are not as sugary  — I don’t feel like I’m going to get diabetes after eating a slice of cake. However, the ice cream here is not up-to-par with the States because it’s more icy than creamy. Fortunately, I found a place that is a great compromise between the less sweet and the creamy! Continue reading “8% Ice 冰淇淋專門店 – Ice Cream”

Heiankyo 平安京茶事: Japanese Tea House

I’m seriously addicted Matcha tea! If I go to a restaurant and it offers Matcha as a flavor on anything, you know for darn sure that I’ll get my hands on it. I just love the slight bitterness that it has — kinda wakes you up. A good punch for your taste buds. Well, if you share the same love or just love desserts then try this tea house. Continue reading “Heiankyo 平安京茶事: Japanese Tea House”