Typhoon, Typhoon – Go Away – Haircut

I survived Chicago’s coldest winter in 100 years — Chiberia, therefore, what can a typhoon in Taiwan do to me? Thankfully, Taipei didn’t get anything but a lot of rain and, as a result, a depressed Linh. Like most girls, when I am depressed there are 2 things that will always lift my mood: a makeover and chocolate!

BIBA Salon Taiwan (Map): Stylist Jimmy Chou speaks pretty good English and he mastered his craft in Australia. He is very detail oriented and cuts with one scissor that never leaves his hand. He owns the salon and it’s just him and his assistant, therefore, if you do want to try this place, make sure to call ahead.

Well maybe this time the makeover is a little bit more drastic than expected. I went in thinking of a long bob — short in the back and long in the front — but, I walked out with a true BOB! I was scared the whole time as I watched Jimmy (the Stylist) snip away at my pride and joy. However, my fear didn’t come from worry that Jimmy lacked expertise, but from my year of bad haircuts I endured in Chicago. Nonetheless, Jimmy assured me that I will no longer have to experience anymore bad haircuts — at least not this time around.

Embracing the shortest haircut I have ever gotten -- also not styled so don't mind the messy hair.
Embracing the shortest haircut I have ever gotten — also not styled so don’t mind the messy hair.


Although I was very much afraid about getting this hair cut, I am glad it happened because I do truly love it. I know some people may think, “It’s hair, it’ll grow back, stop complaining,” but unless, you are a girl that has had long hair your whole life, you’ll never understand the feelings it provided — a safety blanket — and how a good hair day can make or break your day.

Plus, it’s nice to finally feel the breeze on my neck and since it’s 100°F here, having short hair is a Godsend.

So when it rains, it pours — in dessert! See my post — The Sweet Things in Life — to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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