Taichung: National Museum of Natural Science

It’s our first day in Taichung and since my brother enjoys going to museums, we decided to visit the National Museum of Natural Science. Also, it was blazing hot out, so going to an air conditioned building to escape the heat was heaven. Unbeknownst to us, this museum’s target audience is local elementary and middle schoolers and not to foreigners. Everything was in Chinese with no English translations, therefore, it was difficult for me to expand my knowledge about the earth and how we evolved — ha.

The only enjoyable and cool aspect of this museum is the life-like T-Rex dinosaurs (in addition to the air conditioning of course).  I wanted to climb up to touch them, but there was staff sitting close by to monitor little hooligans like me — though, he was elderly so I don’t think he could’ve caught speedy ‘ol me.

If you’re still interested in going while in Taichung, I suggest going earlier in the day when they open, around 11 am, before the daily field trip rush from local schools.