RECAP: December to February

I have been M.I.A for the last 3 months from this blog so… let me reintroduce myself, my name Linh pronounced like Lynn — the “H’ in my name is silent, for those of you who are wondering. The reason why I stopped blogging for a while was because I started studying Mandarin at NTNU, National Taiwan Normal University, and I wanted to focus all of my attention to learning Chinese. Since school is over now, it’s time to get back on the grind.

So much has happened since December and I promise I will try to post all of the past and most current events ASAP so please be patient and stay tune.

School started in December and boy, what an experience that was having class everyday starting at 8 AM again. It was almost like high school, drama and all, but this time everyone in class were all in our 20’s and 30’s from all over the world. We had 2 Aussies, a German, a Peruvian,  an Indonesian, a Spaniard, a Mexican, a Canadian, and, of course, Americans. With several strong personalities and especially coming from different parts of the world, things got heated — to say the least, but I think everyone walked away with a positive experience with many stories to tell. I, for one, walked away with several friends and some juicy stories.

The Spaniard was doing something very naughty to the teacher so I had to tweak the picture a little.

For New Year, a couple of my friends and I watched the famous fireworks at Taipei 101 and brought in the New Year with our delectable alcoholic beverages at Barcode — some more than others — speaking to you Asmarie. This girl got wasted before midnight and she didn’t even remember watching the fireworks nor the 3 miles walk home. LOL..

Taipei 101: Daniel, me, Soledad, Asmarie, Gloria, Mitch
Taipei 101: Daniel, me, Soledad, Asmarie, Gloria, Mitch

After that, I just went back to studying and treated myself to weekly drinking fest at different bars and clubs around Taipei. Haha.


During Chinese New Year, Daniel and I traveled to Japan visiting Kyoto, Osaka, Nagano, and Tokyo and it was such an amazing trip. Please stay tune for a separate post about this trip.

Sadly, our 6 months trip in Taiwan is coming to an end — crazy how time flies. We’ve made many memories and will definitely miss our friends here; however, Daniel and I are excited about our next adventure in Vietnam! This will be my third time back in Vietnam, but first time not attached to my parents’ hips. Who is ready to eat Pho all day and everyday with me?!?!