Seafood Extravaganza at Quán Ốc Xuân Hón

Do you like to “nhậu” — aka do you like to drink beer and eat yummy food with friends and families? If that’s a yes, then gather up your chickas and fellas for a festive, adventurous, and cheap seafood meal. If you didn’t know already, Vietnamese people love love love their seafood! You won’t meet one Vietnamese person who doesn’t love at least one type of seafood like shrimp, crawfish, crabs, clams, lobsters — If you do, then they’re definitely the shunned outliers, haha. So are you ready to start popping beer bottles and to stuff your face with food?

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BBQ Pork Chop Rice Plate: Cơm Tấm Ba Ghiền

I know I picked a good place when our taxi driver also decided to have his lunch here. He even gave me a nod of approval and said I picked a great place to eat — Score! I also know it’s a winner when after Daniel took his first bite he couldn’t stop dropping the “F” bomb and this guy rarely curses, unlike me, but he kept saying, “F this is so F-ing good, FFF!” What the heck are y’all eating you might be wondering and, from the above image, we are devouring Cơm tấm bì sườn chả trứng chiên. What is that? Well come and let me explain more below.  Continue reading “BBQ Pork Chop Rice Plate: Cơm Tấm Ba Ghiền”

TaoRanTing Peking Duck Restaurant

One time, I asked an expat friend on where to get really good Peking Duck here in Taipei and he recommended a place, but informed me that I need a membership to eat there or know someone that does to take me. My reaction to this was, “What the heck, the duck’s lineage better be royalty!” That’s just too rich for my blood and my pockets don’t run that deep. Luckily, my good friend Yaoching asked around for me and found a delicious place that doesn’t require a membership. Continue reading “TaoRanTing Peking Duck Restaurant”

8% Ice 冰淇淋專門店 – Ice Cream

In general, I think Asians in Asia don’t really have a sweet tooth so in Taipei, you can expect desserts to be lighter, less sweet, and not as creamy. I do like that the desserts are not as sugary  — I don’t feel like I’m going to get diabetes after eating a slice of cake. However, the ice cream here is not up-to-par with the States because it’s more icy than creamy. Fortunately, I found a place that is a great compromise between the less sweet and the creamy! Continue reading “8% Ice 冰淇淋專門店 – Ice Cream”

Muteki Japanese Yakiniku 炭火燒肉 無敵 – Must Try!

As many of you may know, Asian countries have tons and tons of restaurants. There can be over 20 restaurants competing on a block of street and if they’re good, they’re able to live another day as many goes out of business and new ones pop up to replace it. Therefore, finding any good restaurant that’s still in operation is a hard find, unless you know locals that can help guide you. Also adding fuel to the fire, there’s no Yelp for Asia! Well luckily I found this place and, oh-my, this is BOMB!  Continue reading “Muteki Japanese Yakiniku 炭火燒肉 無敵 – Must Try!”

Maryjane Pizza 瑪莉珍比薩

I’m always on the search for really good pizza. Before I left Atlanta, my favorite place was Antico Pizza Napoletana and in Chicago, Piece Brewery and Pizzeria and Homeslice Wheel House. I don’t think Taiwan has much of an Italian population so I can’t have extremely high expectations for pizza. However, Maryjane Pizza pleasantly surprised me. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough to satisfy my cravings.     Continue reading “Maryjane Pizza 瑪莉珍比薩”